Message from CEO/Superintendent

Dear HCSS Community,

Once again, we find ourselves horrified by news of another mass shooting at an elementary school in our country – this one claiming the lives of 19 young children and two teachers. We as a community stand with and grieve with, the families in Uvalde, Texas.

Even events that are thousands of miles away can have an effect on our community. Our students, parents, and teachers feel the impact of such senseless and random violence. Our school community will continue to come together to support our students and families with help from our administration and mental health teams. You can reach out to us if you or your child could use some support.

We want to reassure you that HCSS employs the most up-to-date safety measures that are designed to prevent this type of incident, and we regularly train faculty and staff with the help of close relationships with local police departments to swiftly respond to any incident that could put your children in jeopardy.

Our doors are locked immediately after students’ arrival in the morning, and no one gains entrance to our buildings without first being identified by central office staff. We have multiple security surveillance systems at both campuses that are closely monitored. We also have security guards on site.

We know that things like this are not only sad and painful but that they can also make our whole community feel anxious and afraid. We know that our students and employees might need more help during this time. The mental health of our students and staff is our priority. We have mental health support services in place for people who may be having a hard time after what happened yesterday. If you are in need of any support and are not sure who to contact, please reach out to our Directors, School Counselors, and Social workers. Also, there is a list of resources that you can benefit from during these difficult times.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you or your child may have.


photoTarkan Topcuoglu
Superintendent/CEO, Hampden Charter School of Science(413) 593 9090 x200 | ttopcuoglu@hampdencharter.orgwww.hampdencharter.orgCentral Office, 20 Johnson Rd. Chicopee, MA 01022


Ms. Crystal Tarris

School Adjustment Counselor

(413) 278-5450 x405

Mr.Jordan Avelino, M. Ed

School Adjustment Counselor 

Hampden Charter School of Science West

Phone: 413-278-5450 Ext: 502


Ms. Jessica Quill

Middle School Counselor

Tel.(413) 5939090 x212

Mr.Patrick Lewis

High School Counselor

Tel.(413) 593 9090 x 231


Ms.Joan Normand

School Social Worker

Tel.(413) 593 9090 x 230


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