Part of Hampden Charter School of Science mission is to offer all of our students a supportive and safe environment where they are empowered to reach their highest intellectual, emotional, social and physical potentials building on the inherent promise to aid students’ preparation for college. Providing our students counseling services is an integral part to assuring that our students will reach their highest potential. A school counselor is available to students during the school day to help students develop and improve their personal relationships with each other, their families, their teachers and most importantly with themselves.

Students may be referred to the counselor through and for a variety of reasons. A teacher or a parent may refer a student to see the counselor for help with a challenge that the student may be facing which may be impacting their academic performance. A student may also seek the counselor at their own accord. Additionally, students may be referred to counseling session(s) in order to address specific areas or challenges identified through an IEP or 504 plan. The counselor may meet with students individually, in small groups, and sometimes as a whole class to address various challenges and learn how to work through them. Finally, the counselor consults and collaborates with teachers, staff, parents and families to best meet the needs of the students.


Ms. Crystal Tarris

School Adjustment Counselor

(413) 278-5450 x405